It will be hard to convince people the dogs are man's best friend if these kinds of stories are happening. A man in Fort Dodge, Iowa is recovering after his pet shot him.

51-year-old Richard Remme was horsing around with his dog, a lab-pit mix. He would toss the canine off his lap and it would jump back up. Somehow the safety on his Ruger 9mm got bumped, Remme keeps it in a belly band under his overalls.

One of the dog's toes got behind the trigger guard and discharged a round into the man's leg. An ambulance was called and Remme was taken to a hospital Wednesday morning. Luckily the bullet did not do any major damage.

“The dog’s a big wuss,” he said to the Fort Dodge Messenger. “The poor dog laid down beside me and cried, because he thought he was in trouble for doing something wrong."