I suppose if you're going to break into a convenience store in the middle of the night you better have a pretty good excuse or one that baffles the cops.

Police in Waterloo responded to the Three Star Mart after an alarm went off but didn't find anything there. Later they found out the allegedly burglar tried to pick the store's lock before getting up on the roof. While 23-year-old Michael Philip Lewis was trying to find a way in, he crawled into a hatch and fell through the shop's ceiling tiles.

Surveillance footage caught part of the break in and showed Lewis leaving the scene. Days later an officer on patrol saw a man matching the burglar's description. The suspect had a backpack with a pry bar, grinding tool, two empty syringes, and a scale with white residue.

He told police he was up on the store's roof looking for rocks... whatever that means. Lewis was charged with third-degree burglary, possession of burglary tool and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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