It's too late to use this method to cook this year's Thanksgiving turkey. There's always next year.

19-year-old Austin Haughwout is a name that we've mentioned before. Last year he was assaulted by a woman who thought he was shooting video of women in their bathing suits. Lucky for her, Austin wasn't flying his newest contraption, a fire-breathing drone.

Instead of using the contraption to take over the world, Austin used it to roast a turkey in his family's backyard.

Police said they were looking into the matter, but the man's father said the aerial turkey roast was carried out safely.

"We had a lot of fun, it was something different to do and there was no danger at all," said the father, Bret Haughwout. He said he and his son had fire extinguishers, hoses and buckets of water on hand for the flight.

"We didn't break any laws," the elder Haughwout said.

Clinton Deputy Police Chief John Carbone agreed with that assessment on Wednesday, but added, "The laws just haven't caught up with this kind of technology yet."