23-year-old, Andrea Mears from Connecticut, went off on 17-year-old Austin Haughwout when she saw him flying his remote controlled helicopter at a beach. She thought he was shooting video of women in their bathing suits. First she called 911, when she hung up, she started attacking him. In the end, she got arrested for assault and is facing a year in prison.

According to Haughwout, he went to Hammonasset State Park in Madison, Connecticuit to fly his remote control quadcopter.  Soon after landing on his last of four flights, an angry woman, later identified as Mears approached him.  Mears was on the phone with the police, attempting to get them to respond to the flight by claiming that Haughwout was “here taking pictures at the beach with a helicopter plane.”


Here's the video of the confrontation between Mears and Haughwout:

On the video Mears is clearly shown attacking Haughwout. She rips his shirt, holds him down, attempts to scratch his face and puts her fingers in his mouth. At one point she yells, “I’m going to beat your ass you little motherf**ker.” Haughwout is heard screaming for help, asking other people to call 911 and report the assault. Eventually Mears leaves Haughwout alone, giving him enough time to call the police to report the assault.


This is the actual footage that was shot via quadcopter before the encounter:

Do you think she was justified or could this have been handled better?