When you're me, around-the-house projects that should be no problem ALWAYS turn into a problem. And I'm so bad at it that it's funny. Today's project started out innocently enough. It's just a faucet replacement in the kitchen.

Five years ago I installed the one I am now replacing. The hard water at my house left the mechanism for switching between the spray feature and mull stream stuck somewhere in between. So I was familiar with the principles here, but it wasn't like I do this everyday. I was prepared for a few snags along the way, and intended to approach with patience.

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"This f***ing piece-of-s**t project," came out of my mouth before I was finished removing the stuff from the cabinet under the sink. That's what you get for trying to invert yourself under a cabinet with no room for your head, and nowhere to hide once the disconnected water lines start leaking on to your face...

Every pedestal faucet has come mechanism under the sink that holds it in place. Usually a really long, narrow, hollow bolt that allows the water lines to come up through it. And removing and replacing this fastener is different for each manufacturer, and is the most challenging part of the replacement project. Or, it SHOULD be the most challenging. I managed to pull the extension sprayer hose all the way out of the faucet frame, and could not thread it back in without taking apart the housing. But I could do this until I removed the faucet I just installed.

So I ended up installing the faucet twice. Each time requiring the contorting of my body, tearing up of my knuckles etc...

But, alas, success.

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