Mom's do so much for us, and it's no secret that they don't get the thanks they deserve.

A recent study from took all of the time, energy, and tasks the average mom has to handle throughout the week for her kids and home to see what kind of money they'd make if they were paid to do what they do.

In the last year, the 75% of moms surveyed working over 117 hours per week.

"In a year like no other, moms went to extraordinary lengths to keep things together on the home front, working, on average, 15.1 hours per day, seven days a week," said Mary Crogan, Vice President of Marketing at "That's an incredible workload, and one that encompasses everything from C-level responsibilities, to help desk manager, to teacher. It's fitting that their salary value continues to rise, nearing the upper echelons of Corporate America."

The study found that over 19,000 moms reported carrying over 20+ roles for their family, including chauffer, CFO, cook, sanitary services, and more.

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After calculating hours and roles, determined that before overtime, shift differentials, and bonuses or other pay premiums, moms should be earning an average of $184,820 per year.


"The dramatic increase in average hours worked per week could have resulted in even higher pay, but some of that increased workload was dedicated to lower compensated roles," stated CEO, Kent Plunkett. "We applaud the heroic efforts of mothers everywhere to guide their families through the pandemic. 'Thanks Mom!' might be the understatement of the year, but it's a good place to start."


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