Last night I got the incredible opportunity to see The Rolling Stones at Soldier Field in Chicago.  My good buddy Bob Kelly, who plays in Wicked Liz & The Bellyswirls and also is an amazing realtor (I don't get a referral fee, but you should use him anyway)...anyway, he ended up with an extra ticket and I was the beneficiary.

Now, I just went to see Paul McCartney last week...and I didn't take my wife.  So, I wasn't sure how she would react to me seeing yet another legendary musical act without her.

Turns out all I needed to do was redo the kitchen floor.

and the pantry floor.

and the bathroom floor.

and the mudroom floor.

Now I was able to go to The Stones guilt free and BOY was it worth it.

You can see the setlist below in a tweet sent by the band.  A highlight for me was Monkey Man! I love that song!  Then they started Midnight Rambler...and stopped it after they realized it was in the wrong key.  They immediately went into Paint It Black...which is one of my favorites, but I couldn't help wondering if we were missing out on Midnight Rambler.

I'm happy to report they went into Midnight Rambler and it was awesome.  If you want a bit of a peek into my psyche...I waited through Midnight Rambler and as soon a Start Me Up started, that's when I went to the restroom.

A great night!  Always fun conversation with Bob and of course The Stones are The, me getting home at 3am and feeling it now is totally worth it.

Stones at Soldier field
Bill Stage & Bob Kelly

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