February 10, 1992 was my first concert ever.  It's possible you've heard my story of Skid Row at the Palmer Auditorium in Davenport featuring a mostly unknown band called Soundgarden and a random girl doing blow off the back bleacher.

I got to tell Dave "The Snake" Sabo that story.

Snake is a guitarist in Skid Row and they're playing with Slaughter tonight (01/16/20) at The Rhythm City Casino in Davenport.

We talked about his first concert (KISS), the Slave to the Grind tour, his pre show rituals and his want/need to give fans that come & see them a great show.  He's such a humble guy and I appreciated that.

We talked about how they ended up with ZT Theart (formerly of Dragonforce).

We talked about a new full length album that they're putting together now with ZT.

Just so you know...I didn't ask about Sebastian Bach.  I figure the dude gets asked about a "reunion" every single interview and I wanted to give him a break.

And full disclosure...I was scheduled to interview Baz in 2016 when he released his book and he stood me up.  So, I guess that makes me officially on Skid Row's side.


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