A family from Houston has a spooky problem with an Elsa doll who won't just 'Let it Go'.

Emily Madonia is looking for people to give her some sort of answer to why an Elsa doll she gave her child in 2013 has returned to her house twice after being thrown in the garbage.

Madonia posted on her Facebook page (which has since been set to private), presumably in the off chance the family is found mysteriously dead, saying "To recap for those of you who have not been following our Elsa doll saga, Mat threw it away weeks ago and then we found it inside a wooden bench."

She goes on to explain they had an odd feeling about that, so they stuffed it into a garbage bag, tightly wrapped, and shoved that garbage bag into another garbage bag. They took that bag, and stuffed it at the bottom of the garbage can with multiple bags on top of it.

The family went on vacation and returned, fresh minded, not thinking about the strange instance. Their daughter came back inside from playing and told her mom the doll was back, this time in the backyard.

In another post, Emily explained that the doll switched to Spanish, singing "Let it Go" and saying lines in Spanish, giggling, singing, all while switched off.

They know someone hasn't been pranking them, because the doll has some distinct markings from Emily's daughter drawing with a marker. They also saw the garbage truck take the bag away.

Rather than call the Warren's to come and perform an exorcism, they took a more drastic measure. An online friend in Minnesota was mailed the doll, with no return address so he can't send it back. The Madonias seem like great friends to have. Emily wrote the doll laughed hysterically as she put it in the box, for about 30 seconds straight; a voice function that isn't programmed into the doll.

Elsa arrived safe and sound in Minnesota, where their friend Chris duct taped the doll to the bull bar of his Jeep. He wrote on his Facebook page (also been marked private) that if anything funky happens, the doll is being welded to a pipe and dropped to the bottom of a nearby lake.

Emily answered questions to why she didn't just burn the doll, and she said in the small amount of reading she has done on the supernatural, burning the doll would only release whatever evil force is inside.

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