I know you're saying some pretty sarcastic things after reading that title, but just hear me out.

OnePoll and Mattress Advisor teamed up and surveyed 2,000 people on what their sleeping attire is, and their feelings on a few different things.

When questioned about self-confidence levels, Pajama Wearers have a self-confidence level of 6/10, but nude sleepers only have a confidence level of 5/10.

The sleeping nudes are inclined to be introverts, but pajama wearers tend to be ambiverts.

3/10 of all respondents said they felt pressure to look attractive getting into bed for the night with their significant other in the early stages of their relationships.

People who sleep in their birthday suits tend to get some 5 times a week, where as people who wear pj's only get down with their significant other 4 times a week. Either way, I'm dressing, or not dressing wrong.

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