Do you get injured at some point every winter? You're not the only one. It turns out 50% of Americans suffer from some sort of pain every holiday season. 71% of Americans said they have suffered a winter injury, but what are the most common ones?

Most Common Winter Activities that Cause Pain:

  • Shoveling Snow (32%)
  • Long rides in planes, trains, and automobiles (30%)
  • Cooking holiday meals (25%)
  • Decorating the house (22%)

Most Commonly Reported Winter Injuries:

  • Back injury (25%)
  • Neck pain (21%)
  • Knee joint pain (18%)
  • Bruises (17%)

Common Causes of Winter Injuries:

  • Slipping while walking outside (25%)
  • Burns and cuts while cooking holiday meals (23%)
  • Decorating the house (17%)
  • Shoveling snow (16%)

Here's the official "No Winter Injuries" checklist from renowned safety analyst, The Dwyer:

  • Stay Inside
  • Don't Decorate
  • Watch Netflix
  • Order Take Out
  • Have the Neighbor Kid Shovel the Sidewalk

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