We have some delicious hunks from Sons of Anarchy coming into town for Rally on the River and one of our office gals is all giddy, like a little schoolgirl. We have an interview opportunity, but since Michaels and I have never seen an episode, we have zero to say to these guys.

Alas, here comes "moist to my soul" office girl, we asked if she would interview the dudes for us. Today, she's walking around the station with a legal pad, wondering aloud with another office girl as to the pattern or existence of "downstairs fuzz". What?

Here's what Loren has to say about the whole situation:

So I've obviously been super excited that I will be meeting Chibs and Happy in just 17 days... who's counting right?! But today it got even better! Today I found out that I have been given the the job of interviewing them for one of our morning shows!! Believe me when I say I squealed like a total girl! I am so grateful that the guys who host this show have asked me to do this... they know how much I love {am obsessed with} my Sons of Anarchy! Now to work on my list of questions!

Stay tuned for the interview when the guys are in studio, closer to the Rally.

Click here for all the information regarding Rally on the River 2015, coming up June 18th - 20th.