A few years ago, the New York Times did a piece on sleep tips for hot nights, where they recommended putting your sheets in the freezer for 30 minutes before you go to bed. One sleep expert says its a bunch of bunk.

James Wilson, also known as The Sleep Geek, says never to put your sheets or PJ's in the freezer.

  1. It's a lot of hassle- Think back to when you put your fitted sheet on this last time. It was a pain in the butt, the corners all slipped off. Imagine doing that before you can go to bed every single night for 3 months at a time. Also, if the point is to make you sleep cooler, why are you doing something that would cause you to get sweaty before getting into bed?
  2. You would sound like a crazy person to your friends- Imagine finding out your best friend has been putting their sheets in the freezer for the last 5 years. Would you still hang out around them, or would you feel like that's serial killer behavior? Do you eat any food that comes out of that freezer?
  3. IT DOESN'T WORK- Your bed will be cooler at first, but after you fall asleep is the problem. All of the moisture from the freezer is going to be all over your bed, so you're going to be looking at damp sheets.This moisture makes it heat up, and he says you'll be hotter than if you didn't do it.

The Sleep Geek says a better plan is buying a fan (I'm buying one of those mattress fans next summer that blows under the sheets). He also said it's good to buy different sheets with as low of a thread count as possible. The lower the count, they'll breathe.

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