We just wrapped up Prom season and that means many high schools across the country are gearing up for their graduation ceremonies. One district in South Carolina is threatening cheering families with a fine.

An administrator with Greenville High told students that family members who yell out at the upcoming graduation would be hit with a $1,030 fine. The slide used calls the ceremony a "solemn occasion" and that "graduating seniors and their guests should behave appropriately."

Greenville County School District
Greenville County School District

Officials with the school district said that nobody with the school will actually cite loud family members. “It is not the district’s nor Greenville High School’s policy to cite parents,” spokeswoman Beth Brotherton said to Greenville News. “This slide was created to inform students that because graduation is a ‘publicly sanctioned event’ and is held at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena, it is under the jurisdiction of the Greenville Police Department."

She continued by saying the local police department has the authority to fine attendees who create a disturbance. Sgt. Johnathan Bragg of the Greenville Police Department says the cops will not give anyone a ticket for just cheering or applauding. “We would only get involved when it’s actually a criminal matter. As far as charging someone for yelling, we have not done that.”

Read more at Greenville News.

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