Joe Schilling from Saint Giuseppe's Pizza in East Moline.  They've halted business at their Coal Valley location and brought their close knit team/family into one location for the time being.

Joe's got a strong family lineage steeped in pizza. His Uncle Bill is "Uncle Bill" from "Uncle Bill's Pizza".  His dad started Saint Giuseppe's in 1997 and all through grade school, middle school Joe was watching his father build the business while helping around the joint doing odd jobs.  By the time he finished high school he knew this is what he wanted to do for a living.

I like that Joe is customer-centric.  He wants to know if the sauce is too spicy or crust is too thick.  He will make tweaks to improve his product while not compromising the original.

"I'll certainly make small adjustments in pursuit of a better pizza"

Joe is taking this somewhat negative time and spinning it into a positive. Obviously they can't have customers in the dining room. So, they are offering PizzaPacks for at home baking.  This is a great thing for families looking to break out of the monotony of quarantine. I can't wait to have my kids try & flip the dough around (and then pick the dirt out of it when it lands on the ground).

For a measly $12 you get enough dough & sauce for 5 pizzas to make yourself.

They also offer:
Bag of cheese: $5.00 (good for all 5 pizzas)
Container of pepperoni: $1.50
Container of sausage: $1.50
Container of garlic Butter $1.50

And specifically for my reference later when I go to make one of these I'm gonna give some shorthand instructions.  But you should watch this instructional video.

Cornmeal & Flour is helpful when making the St. G's Pizza Pack

  • Preheat oven to 425 (and put the pizza pan in the oven)
  • Stretch the pizza dough out using flour & place it on the wooden thing with cornmeal. (these instructions are for me, remember)
  • Add pizza sauce (not marinara) and toppings (not cheese)
  • Cook the pizza CHEESELESS for 7 minutes
  • Add the cheese then put the pizza back in the over WITHOUT THE PAN and cook for another 7 minutes.

Here's my Behind the Business video for Saint Giuseppe's


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