A Russian Instagram influencer's birthday party took a deadly turn when they poured over 50 pounds of dry ice into a pool. The intent was a cool visual effect, but it left three dead, and four injured.

Yekaterina Didenko’s Instagram Story on Friday showed her 29th party, which started with pole dancing, sexy swimsuits, food and plenty of drinks.


A few hours later, she posted a video explaining through tears that things had gone wrong after her husband poured almost 50 pounds of dry ice into the pool to create the cool vapor effect used in concerts and haunted houses. Valentin poured the ice in, and jumped in first. He stopped breathing, and later died at the hospital.

Two other guests, Yuri Alferov and Natalia Monakova, were pronounced dead at the scene. Four others suffered chemical burns and poisoning.

The problem with dry ice is that it's frozen carbon dioxide. When it turns to vapor, it's just a fog of poisonous gas. It's not a problem, unless it's released in an area that's poorly ventilated.

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