The diner known for snarky servers and choreographed dance numbers on the soda counters is returning to Chicago, Ed Debevic’s, will be reopening.

Whether it was the servers, the dancing, the signs about tipping, or the world's smallest sundae, dining at Ed Debevic's was an experience all in itself... unfortunately property owners decided the land needed the restaurant sat on needed to be tall buildings and a shopping destination. Fret no more, the 50's-themed diner is returning to Chicago.

An official date hasn't been announced but the owners of Ed Debevic's applied for a liquor license last month, as has a location. The new spot will be a block from Michigan Avenue at 159 E. Ohio Street. Although, the owners are trying to be super sneaky and not provide any information aside from what is available publicly. In fact, Ed Debevic's Facebook hasn't been updated in over two years.

[H/T Eater]

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