East Aurora, NY is a tiny little town where Fisher Price was founded.  "Toy Town, USA", as it's called, is home to plenty of people with a knack for the creative...so Halloween seems fun!

Check out this animatronic spider that's making waves.  So much so that he has to schedule out showings so he doesn't disrupt the whole neighborhood at all hours of the night.

The guy who made it apparently is a retired toy engineer who used to work for Fisher-Price.  So, this is old hat to him.  The spider is 10 feet in diameter and was crafted completely by him and is inflatable…which is why it looks like you could buy it in a store.

“The spider’s legs all move independently, giving it an all-too-real appearance of motion.”

There are baby spiders that you can’t see in the video.  They rappel and climb beside the momma spider who is suspended from a metal crane mounted on the roof of his front porch 35 feet off the ground.

And of course everything glows in the dark because why not!

"How did you spend your time in quarantine?  Work out?  Learn to play guitar? Read?"

"Oh no...I built an animatronic spider."

"Hmm.  How...nice.  Look...I think my wife needs me.  It was nice talking to you."

Yeah...he apparently had been building this since May and says it was completely worth it.

The homeowner says he will be stepping up the scares for next Halloween but his plans are currently under wrap.  We'll just have to wait until next year to find out.

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