Seven years ago today we lost Bo Diddley, who died in his home in Florida at age 79.  This was a guy who influenced almost everybody, and who even has a rhythm/beat named after him.  Over the 65-ish years of his career he chalked-up way too many accolades to name here, so let's just say he's in a league of his own.

But here's 4 things you may NOT know about BO:   1)  He helped out by recording and producing some music for his valet ... a guy named Marvin Gaye.   2)  Bo was the Pawnbroker in the movie "Trading Places" (" Philadelphia, it's worth fifty bucks...")   3)  He pissed-off Ed Sullivan by playing 2 songs instead of 1 on his appearance, and Ed said to him "you won't last 6 months"   and 4)  He recorded almost as many studio albums as The Rolling Stones (27 vs. 29) over his career.

So today, we should remember and celebrate a great man, and a great musician that helped shape a lot of what we listen to today.  Thanks Elias Otha Bates !!