Most crooks would probably look at a 71-year-old and think they'd make easy prey. That's not the case when it comes to Davenport's Joe Henson, a Vietnam veteran.

Joe had gone to a QC Mart in Rock Island to play the slots and video poker, "Sometimes it's fun to do, it wasn't on Friday night as it turns out," said Henson.

"I was standing at the machine where you cash out your tickets to get my money, I was getting ready to leave and I noticed a guy looking in the window," he told WQAD. "That's when he opened the door and jumped me. He has his left arm over mine, but luckily I had the money in my right hand out there so he couldn't quite reach that."

"Nobody came to my aid, but that was okay because I came to my own aid." Joe's Army instincts kicked in and he was able to fight off the mugger and sent him packing. Police are still searching for the man who attacked him.

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