Come on Quad Cities, we're better than this.

This five-minute video was posted on Facebook over the weekend and shows a shockingly racist exchange between an Uber driver and his customer. You see stuff like this come out of big cities and the like, but the Quad Cities? Come on!

There aren't a lot of details on what lead to this tirade. But according to the woman who posted it, the driver had gone down two different one ways in the wrong direction and she called him on it.

The driver, obviously not in control of his temper, told her to get out. When she refused to until he took her to the correct destination, he went off.

For the entire ride thereafter he swore and used racist terms and phrases. Eventually he stopped the car and kicked her out.

This behavior is appalling and it has no place on the Uber app or anywhere. Uber does not tolerate any form of discrimination and as soon we learned of this report, we removed this driver's access to the app.


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