When creative people get the urge to write...they MUST write.  Otherwise they lose it.  It comes in waves.  When it hits...you better hope you've got a pen or guitar or something near. Or it's gone forever.

If you're lucky, you've also got a modality to bring that art to the people.  If you're REALLY lucky...you've got multiple outlets available.

Like, Steve Krug.  He was in with last weeks QC Songwriters, Kronos Resistor as the bass player.  In The Last Glimpse, he is not only a guitarist, but also one of the songwriters.  (Sorry to the other guys in the band, I just kind of sprung it on Steve that we should record an interview about TLG since he's here. We'll get you in some other time)

Steve walks us through how the band writes and the way they experimented with this song called Ashes.

Turns out...creative types can be bitter!  Who knew, right? And this ex-girlfriend picked the wrong guy to screw with!

Lesson learned!


Name of the band: The Last Glimpse

Steve Krug - Guitar and Vocals

Jeffrey Loder - Guitar and Vocals

Dayne Burton - Bass and Backing Vocals

Dave Hughes - Drums and Rockstar Demands

What kind of music you play: Texture, melody, emotion, and crushing sound. This is The Last Glimpse, we're a rock band that likes sad slow tunes and catchy pop melodies.

Influences: Hum, Failure, The Smashing Pumpkins, Jimmy Eat World, Sparta, Shiner, Toad The Wet Sprocket, The Life And Times, Explosions In The Sky

Where the band is from: Rock Island, Illinois

Contact information for booking: Band@thelastglimpse.com

Any equipment or product endorsements: No official product endorsements, but we use:  Gibson Les Pauls, Fender Telecasters, G&L and Yamaha Basses, Orange and Marshall guitar amps, Ampeg bass amps.

Upcoming shows you’d like to promote?  September 23rd at RIBCO

Have you opened for any regional or national bands?  Local H, Three Years Hollow, Tripmaster Monkey

Favorite band memory or accomplishment: 

Winning the RIBCO Battle Of The Bands within our first year together was pretty amazing, especially because we played our first round with Jeff having a broken shoulder, and the finals after he had just had surgery to fix it.

Making a full production music video for our song "Empty Rooms" was also a highlight!  Can't wait to do it again sometime.




I hate it that you’re still my muse, I hate it more that I still have a heart to use.

Wondering why I think of you at all, everything changed the last time that you called.

I burned the last photo of us, I did all I could to let us go.


It’s getting harder and harder to remember why, was there really ever a sliver of truth in your eyes.

We’re getting farther and farther from that time in our lives, but I keep coming back here reliving all of your lies.


These days I no longer see your face, even though I can recall every time and place.

Memories I wish would just leave my mind, replaced by the new love I find.

I watched us melt into the darkness, so why is it I can’t let us go?

All your lies

All your lies.


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