Live music has the power to transport us to a different world, to connect us with others, and to bring us joy. The Quad Cities area is home to a vibrant local music scene, and there's no better way to celebrate the weekend than by going out to support some of the amazing local bands that call this area home. From indie rock to jazz to country, there's something for everyone. So put on your dancing shoes, gather your friends, and head out to experience the energy and excitement of live music. Let's support our local musicians and keep the music scene thriving!

Time to celebrate the weekend with some great music in the Quad Cities area. Here's a list of some live local bands to go support!


  • The Sweet Lillies in the Redstone Room
  • WNOJ presents Feature Artist #234 Buggy Benson @ Bent River, RI


  • BanD at Whiskey Stop
  • Jordan Danielsen @ Dirty Water Music
  • Kyle & Brad @ Twin Span Brewing


  • With or With Out Morgan Wallen Party With Scott Stowe @ Pour Bros. Craft Taproom Moline
  • Blaster w/ More Cheese, Squared Off, Brain bleed, Caitlin Edwards, Company Dime, and Sleepyhead @ Village Theatre
  • Mo Carter @ Oak Grove Tavern
  • Jen Craft @ The Tangled Wood
  • RCC presents FIVE AM w/ House of Animals, Manhattan Blockade & Lovesblind @ Skylark


  • Radio Flyer Pilots @ Whiskey Stop
  • Jett Threatt & SuperKnot at Harley Corin's
  • Al Sweet & Chrissy Boyer @ The Tangled Wood
  • Jacob Hemenway @ Green Tree Brewery
  • Brian Schou @ Dirty Water Music


  • John Cole Born @ Dirty Water Music

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