I heard of Kronos Resistor because of Billy Gardner.  He played in a great band called Katalina.  Having watched them a hundred times in the back of Lumpy's, I knew he was a great guitar player. Then I heard he was doing some Progressive/Math Metal style band and was super intrigued.  Luckily, this stuff doesn't disappoint.

I'm usually not into "progressive" music.  A lot of it seems to wander places for no real reason other than to show off chops.

"Check out this run I can do!"  "Oh, yeah..well, check out this fill"  "Blah blah blah"

But Kronos Resistor is not your normal metal band nor progressive blowhards.  Maybe it's the "Math" influence they throw in that ties it all together.  It gives it depth and meaning. The licks come with purpose...fury too...but most importantly purpose.

01. Name of the band
Kronos Resistor

02. Members of the band and what they do
Billy Gardner-guitar, Brandon Hankins- guitar, Steven Krug- bass/vox, Steve Merritt- drums/percussion, Jacob Gregory-vox

03. What kind of music
Math/prog metal

04. Influences
Dillinger Escape Plan, Meshuggah, Norma Jean, The Contortionist, Sepultura

06. Where the band is from
Quad Cities USA, Davenport, IA., Rock Island, Illinois

07. Contact information for booking

08. Any equipment or product endorsements
No endorsement yet but we love ENGL, Orange and Ampeg!

09. Upcoming shows you'd like to promote
RIBCO- Saturday 8/27 w/ Heavyweight, Dredge and Calm Is Key

10. Favorite band memory of accomplishment
Just putting this band together was a huge accomplishment, otherwise there was the time we all sat in the pooring rain at a truck stop trying to figure out what to do with the broken wheel on our trailer. That was fun!


Geosynchronous Sentinel Satellite

Fixed On one location, fixed And in orbit

Geo Synchronous Machinery Monitors us all

Signs Of changing times

Signs Of Advancement

Time Continues to pass

Time To watch the worlds movements

Science fiction Became reality Science fiction Became reality

Elliptical orbits Used to transmit Sound and vision

Revolutionizing Global broadcasts

Increased intelligence And defense

Thousands monitor Exact coordinates Via corresponding Algorithms

And their numbers grow And their numbers grow

They'll leave no stone unturned No place to hide

Watching from overhead Satellites beckon us

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