Thrillist decided since they've already covered Chicago's best pizzas, they're going to do some research and find out the best of the best in the entire state of Illinois.

They had chains and singular stores, but the top slot on the list went to Alfano's Pizza, over at 2700 11th Street in Rock Island.

According to Thrillist, "Claiming to serve the most authentic stuffed pizza in the Quad Cities, Alfano’s is truly a diamond in the rough, and home to not just awesome choose-your-own-topping pies, but also calzones and garlic cheese bread."

The critics said to get their Stuffed Pepperoni.

Other spots around the state that made the list:

  • Coalfire - Chicago
  • Lou Malnati's - Various Locations
  • Giordano's Various Locations
  • Vito & Nick's Chicago
  • Pequod's - Chicago
  • Pizzeria da Nella - Chicago
  • Piece - Chicago
  • Burt's Place - Morton Grove
  • Papa Del's Pizza - Champaign
  • Timpone's Restaurant - Urbana
  • Pizza Villa - DeKalb
  • Mickie's Pizzeria - North Pekin
  • Agatucci's Restaurant - Peoria
  • Quatro's Deep Pan Pizza - Carbondale
  • Gabatoni's Restaurant - Springfield

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