Here are three stories that hit the Dog Poop Trifecta. First, a woman is arrested after attacking her boyfriend with a pooper scooper. Then another woman tries smearing doggy waste on a police officer's face. And a 'dog poop bandit" has been terrorizing a Baton Rouge neighborhood.

Pooper Scooper Attack

There was an interesting domestic disturbance at 5:00 A.M. on Monday in Bradenton, Florida... of course it was in Florida.

27-year-old Megan Smith was arguing with her boyfriend Alexander Buck about the living arrangements in their apartment. At some point it turned physical, and Megan whacked Alex in the face multiple times with a pooper scooper.

(Manatee County Sheriff's Office)

She used the little plastic one you scoop up kitty litter with, not the one with the long handles that you use to pick up dog poop. But honestly, which is worse? Does it depend which one would hurt more? Or whether you like cats or dogs more?

You might think the little plastic litter scooper would be less painful. But when Megan slapped Alex with it, she knocked his glasses off and left him with multiple abrasions to his left eyebrow and his forehead.

He took off and called 911, but refused medical treatment, so it couldn't have been that bad. Megan was arrested for misdemeanor battery, posted bond, and will be arraigned in a month.

Dog Poo Assault

A woman who was walking her dog tried to just stroll through the scene of a deadly car crash in Australia. When two cops told her to walk around it, she flipped out and tried to smear dog poop in one of their faces.

The cop she did it to immediately shoved her to the ground and arrested her. She started screaming about her dogs while they put the cuffs on. No word on what charges she's facing.

Doody Bag Bandit

A dog poop bandit has been making a stink in the Garden District of Baton Rouge after being caught by surveillance cameras leaving several stinky surprises on the front steps of homes. No, they were not lit on fire and no doorbells were rang.

Michael McIntosh said he had just returned home Monday morning and went to check his mail when he noticed three very full bags of dog poop on his front steps.

He thought they had been left accidentally, but then saw footage from his home surveillance camera that showed a woman stopping not once, but twice to deposit the bags on his front steps. Walking a dog, she comes by at about 10:55 a.m. and 11 a.m. on the video, leaving bags on either side of the steps.

"It was like full bags, like she had been walking and collecting dog poop all day," McIntosh said. "Almost like it had been saved up." Read more at