Officer Kirk Keffer saw 19-year-old Jourdan Duncan walking down the street last Saturday night in Benicia, California, near San Francisco.

Kirk stopped to see if he needed help. Jourdan said he was heading home from work, which was about a two-hour walk each way. It's only a couple miles, but it's pretty hilly and he has to wait at crosswalks.

The officer offered to give him a ride the rest of the way. Then while they were talking in the car, Jourdan said he was thinking of going into law enforcement, he's been working as much as possible to save for school.

Kirk was so impressed by his work ethic, he talked to some other cops about it. Then the board members of their union unanimously voted to buy Jourdan a new bike. Which cuts his commute in half.

They also bought him a helmet, a light, and a bunch of free tune-ups at a local bike shop. They're planning to let him go on a ride-along soon, so he can decide if he really wants to be a cop someday.

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