A Long Island, New York family recently found out that the dog they've had for two years could be repossessed by the company they lease it from.

Danielle Cittadino and her family could not afford to buy their golden retriever Max for $1,2000 when they found him at a pet store. They opted to finance the dog instead. Danielle went through a credit check and signed all the paperwork with Wags Lending, a company that allows animal lovers to lease their pets.

23 months later, the Cittadino family has been paying $145.19 a month for Max. They've already spent over $3,000 which is more than double the dog's original price tag and the lending company is asking for another $338.07.

Wags Lending has threatened to repossess Max if the payment is not made.

"It really sounds like a scare tactic that they're phrasing it as a lease and saying they have a right of repossession if you don't make full and timely payments," Anthony Ballato, a consumer rights attorney, said. Currently the family has no plans to pay anymore money to the company.

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