There's plenty of things I don't understand about the younger generation.  I definitely am that grumpy old man I used to make fun of.

"Kids these days"  *shakes cane at sky*

Apparently one of the new trends on the YouTubes is NOT calling it "THE Youtubes".  Also, watching random strangers study. Yup.  Not studying naked or studying the arch of their foot for a foot fetish.  It's not sexual at all.

They say people like having the videos on when they're working or studying because it feels like you're working with someone else.

And here's where I mention the mental health impact of the pandemic and move along with my story.

When my son was younger I always thought it was odd when he would watch videos of someone playing with toys.  He had plenty of toys...but would rather watch a video of someone else having fun.

Then came gaming.  I don't get it but someone put it into perspective of me watching football.  "Why not just go play football instead of watching someone else play footballe". And boom...eSports is world wide phenomenon.



So why do people like these videos?

  •  They feel like they're not alone
  • They're motivational, in that it makes you want to work as hard as this stranger (?)
  • Ambient noise.

I personally like to use instrumental jazz music when I'm working because if there are words to the songs, I'm more likely to get lost.

So I guess it makes sense.  But you won't see me studying with online strangers who can't hear me gripe.

Here's a live stream of someone studying.  That's all.  Just....studying.


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