Gil Solano has done something that would have left any other guy in hot water, he posted a photo on the Internet of his wife in labor.

Gil posted the selfie to Reddit claiming that his wife wanted someone to capture their expressions. Later he owned up and said:

Yeah, I actually took this pic to send to her brothers who kept asking how it was going. I showed it to her in between pushes and she cracked up. Now I'm reading her all of you guys comments while she feeds our healthy 7lb 6 oz girl.

P.S. Her mom took pics of our reactions 10 mins later :)

Eva Nell Solano was born at 2:09 pm without any complications. She's a healthy 7lb 6oz baby girl who's as pretty as her...

Posted by Gil Solano on Monday, November 9, 2015

My two obsessions...

Posted by Gil Solano on Tuesday, November 10, 2015