You've been strong so far regarding your New Year's Resolutions.  A couple weekends have gone by and you haven't gone off the rails binge eating or boozing.  But the "new year/new you" is starting to wear thin.  It's looking like it's going to be just another year of broken promises.

Well you're in luck.  I found an article called "8 Psychology-Based Tricks for Staying Motivated and Accomplishing Your Goals".  So, if you're bound and determined to improve yourself in 2021, here are a few tips from real psychologists (the smart ones) on how to accomplish your goals.

For my example, my goal will be to try new beer from every QC craft brewery.

1.  Envision your success.  You have to stay picturing what your end game looks like will help.  I envision myself with a nice beer buzz.  (am I doing it right?)

2.  Break large goals into smaller micro-goals.  Some tasks are too big.  So, instead of taking a tour to every single brewery in one day...I can go once a week or twice a month to load up on some to-go beers.

3.  Think about the "why" behind your goals.  Instead of saying, "I want to get drunk on new beers" . . . try "I want to help the small businesses of my community."  Now I'm a helper...not a drunk.

4.  Do the prep work.  Plotting when & where I'll be drinking makes me excited for the process.

5.  Get the help of one friend you trust.  You're more likely to be motivated and focused when you have support and accountability.  So, I'm looking for some drinking buddies.

6.  Acknowledge your wins.  If you only notice times when you fall short, you'll lose steam fast.  Instead, recognize every tiny step forward you make, no matter how small or clumsy or sideways it is.

(Real Simple)


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