This Wednesday around 2am, a guy in Rhode Island who was playing Grand Theft Auto had to go out and kick someone's ass in real life.

Charles Kendrick was running heists and beating up people who owed in him money, when suddenly he heard a grinding sound in real life.

"I'm naked, I'm naked in my house. I'm relaxing," he told WJAR. "I come out of the house naked and sure enough, there's somebody under my car."

He told the news station that the guy under his car was using a Sawzall. When he approached the guy, things escalated drastically to a fight.

"He starts swinging the Sawzall at me," Kendrick said. "I start fighting with the guy, wrestling with him. He ends up elbowing me, but I still grab onto him and I end up getting up his phone. The cops have that."

The thief got away with Kendrick's catalytic converter, the emissions control device containing precious metals that have a high resell like palladium and rhodium.

"It's been happening all over the place and it's crazy," Kendrick said.

The catalytic converters can be sold at scrap yards or online for hundreds of dollars.

"It's not the end of the world for me, but there are people who wake up in the morning, they're not expecting it and they have no way to get to work," he said.

Kendrick lost about $180 over the ordeal, and has some scratches but is glad he stood his ground.

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"I don't think he was expecting to get caught, and I don't think he was expecting to get caught by a someone naked," he said. "I guarantee I wasn’t the first one of the night, but I guarantee you I was the last."

On Sunday, a town near Kendrick's home in Pawtucket saw police called to a Burlington Coat Factory parking lot around 4:30pm. They were called after someone was spotted under a car trying to steal the catalytic converter from a car in the parking lot.

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