97X has been filling the Quad City airwaves with Rock and Roll for 40+ years, and not until this year has it been nominated for "Radio Station of The Year" in the National Association of Broadcasters annual report.

The N.A.B. are like the cool kids in your high school.  They are the ones in all the yearbook photos, and while you also attended, you weren't profiled at year's end.  Well, all that may change for 97X this year.  It's an honor to have the nomination even accepted, and if we were to come home with some hardware--I would expect some serious celebrating!

I, for one, plan on drinking an ice cold Uncommon Stout from the cup--if there's a cup.  If it's a nice plaque, I guess I'll just look at it and say, "Cool."  Perhaps we won't win, but it's a prize in itself for me to know that somewhere, in some anonymous office conference room, the biggest cool kids in the radio biz at least had to consider a radio station in Davenport that has been part of the lives of it's listeners for 40 years.  40--hmm.  One ounce per year!

Thanks for all the years of unwavering support.  The long-hair years, the mullet years, the flattop years, and many more to come...Cheers!

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