This weekend, the Rod And Custom Show in Monticello, Iowa welcomes Lou Ferrigno, former star of "The Incredible Hulk" television show.  Show goers love these types of nostalgia characters, and the Monticello show has brought some of the best, including Henry "The Fonz" Winkler.

Ferrigno for me is a bit of closure. As a kid, I went to the Chicago Auto Show to meet Lou, and have him sign my "hulk" lunchbox.  As fate would have it, we were too late, and the opportunity slipped past...

Since then, I've run across the "Hulk" star on a few occasions, but never have I had the box with me.  This weekend, all that changes!  Through fate, listener Doug will bring the lunchbox full circle--and get the slippery Lou Ferrigno autograph!  Then, we will give it away next week!

And I will walk away, alone, down the road to the next adventure...while soft music plays.

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