Last night was FULL of excitement at the last Bike Night of Summer 2022 at McGrath Quad Cities Harley Davidson. The conclusion of the summer brought hundreds to see if they or someone they know was going home with a new Harley Davidson 883.

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Townsquare Media

30 people ended the summer with a key in their hand, hoping their key would start the bike, but only one key would be the winner. The crowd was just as anxious as the keyholders, with everyone hoping their friend or family member would have a new ride at the end of the night.

The Keyholders

Just as every key was stuck in the ignition of the bike, the crowd fell immediately quiet - waiting for the lights to turn on, or the engine to start. As keys were found to not be winners, everyone became more and more excited, knowing that at any moment, the next key could be the winner.

Aww, Man! It Didn't Start.

It wasn't until there were only around half of the keys left that the winner came through.

Jared walked up to the bike and stuck the key into the ignition, and sure enough, that bad boy started. The crowd went nuts.

Check out the video from the moment the bike turned on:

Bike Night 2022 - The Giveaway

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