We are just days away from the Rod and Custom Show at the BEND XPO!

Start the year off right! Candy Clark from American Graffiti will be there all weekend, with 2 tribute cars from the film.

2023 TCM Classic Film Festival Day 2 – Friday
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Also in attendance, is Elvira, a '69 BOSS known as "Eleanor's meaner younger sister."

This year, we're partnering with American Muscle Cars 4 U, with this show being the first of their season. Points from this show will count towards their Season Championship.

American Muscle Cars 4 U is also happy to present:

  • Hot Wheels Racing Challenge
  • Snake & Mongoose Auto World Drag Racing Experience
  • AFX Slot Car Racing Championship
  • 50/50 Raffle, with Daily Prizes: Benefiting Midwest Animal Assisted Therapy & Education Organization, providing service dogs to veterans & mental health services to our community


The new Bend XPO Center. Located at 922 Mississippi Parkway in East Moline, the Bend XPO offers all the modern amenities to host the Rod & Custom show as well as plenty of easy onsite parking so you can get out of your warm car and into the warm building as quick as possible.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media


  • Friday, January 12 - 1pm-8pm
  • Saturday, January 13 - 10am-8pm
  • Sunday, January 14 - 10am-3pm

Admission is $8 at the door. Kids under 13 enter for free.

Current military members and Veterans get free admission each day thanks to Dahl Ford!

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Townsquare Media


  • The Dwyer & Michaels Classic Car Calendar Cars on display all weekend and Saturday, you can meet the models and grab your free calendar.
  • The Auto Olympics returns, with a Tire Change Race, Creeper Race, and a Piston Stack.
RNR Tire Express
  • Panel Jams from regionally renowned pinstripers:
    • Jim Hetzler - Hetz from Muscatine, Iowa
    • Mark Hagstrom - Fat Daddy from Milwaukee
    • Chris Glembin - Chris D Painter from Milwaukee
    • Bill Faust - Signs By Foust from Shannon, IL
      • An original art auction from these artists will also take place.
  • Pin Up Show from Abernathy's.
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Townsquare Media


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