Todd Steinkamp from Marshalltown, Iowa was driving to a funeral in Wisconsin on Tuesday when his car broke down. He pulled into the closest repair shop to see if he could get it fixed and still make the service.

The mechanic was 74-year-old Glenn Geib and he asked Todd why he was all dressed up. When Glenn found out about the funeral, he dropped everything and started working on his car.

But he realized it would take too long to fix, and Todd wouldn't make it to the funeral in time. So Glenn grabbed his own keys and told him to take his truck.

It needed some gas, but it would get him there. Todd tried to say no at first, but realized it was the only way he could make it. In the end, he made the funeral in time, and brought Glenn's truck back later that day.

Glenn says he wasn't worried about Todd stealing it or anything. He could tell he was upset, and just wanted to help out.

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