Marilyn Manson has been given a painful reminder that not all Canadians are as polite as the national stereotype suggests.

The singer's recent late-night visit to a Denny's in Alberta ended with him being punched in the face by a fellow diner — and although initial reports quoted Manson's assailant as accusing him of provoking the attack by insulting the other man's girlfriend, a witness has subsequently come to Manson's defense.

"Manson never got a chance to sit down," Denny's patron Johnny Scott told the Toronto Sun. "He was being friendly with everyone, anyone who wanted a picture, he would give them a picture, anyone who wanted an autograph he would give them an autograph. They were just talking and the guy just punched him right in the face without any provocation."

According to NME, Manson and his manager described the incident as unprovoked. They allege that the attacker said he'd be "blowing up Manson's next concert," and elbowed Manson's makeup artist in the face while he was at it. Police seem to have put the matter to rest; their statement reads, "Three people were involved in the altercation, which resulted in minor injuries. No charges were laid and the file is concluded."

We're glad everyone is okay, of course. But whether or not Manson actually did anything to intentionally anger his attacker, the clear moral of the story here — as Creed singer Scott Stapp so memorably demonstrated in 2005 — is that rock stars should avoid Denny's at all costs.

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