David Whipple, from Heber City, Utah, unveiled his prized McDonald's hamburger from 1999 to KUTV, a local news station.

David bought the burger on July 7, 1999. If you don't remember how long ago that was it was when Bill Clinton was President. The burger is of legal drinking age this year. Sounds to me like July 7th is a good day for enough beer for 2 and a nice burger.

David was giving speeches about enzymes, and deterioration. He bought the burger to us as an explanation.

David didn't intend to keep the burger at first. He kept it in a coat pocket for safe keeping, which traveled around until it was hung in a closet where it stayed for a few years. David's wife found the burger when she was selling his coat.

According to KUTV, the burger didn't look older than a few days, and just smelled like cardboard.

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