Henry Ricketts, an Arizona man who had just been released from prison, dove into a septic tank on Saturday and saved a two year old girl who had fallen in. We had him on the show this morning and he took us inside the septic tank, so to speak.

"I knew it was sewage when I first got in," he told us. "I knew that if I didn't get in there, it would have been too late."

The hardest thing for Ricketts, who, don't forget, as spent some time in prison, was that he doesn't like being dirty anyway.

"My mom knows I'm a clean freak," Ricketts said. "I like to keep myself clean. But I did it for the little girl."

Prison, Ricketts told us, is actually a pretty clean place because the water is free, so you can use as much as you want. (He told us he was in prison because of a possession charge.)

So what lengths did Ricketts have to go to in order to get the poop smell off?

"It took about six showers," he told us. "I used a whole bottle of Herbal Essences, my mom's shampoo. I couldn't get it outta my hair."