Have you seen Clark, the Cubs new mascot? He's really come under fire for looking... stupid.

We mean it. Clark the Cub has his own social media accounts now and has been storming the streets and posting evidence on Facebook and Twitter. And the responses are mean – and hilarious.

First Clark said, "Still figryuing out how 2 tyype with these big pawz. Will gett lessons from Chicago Cubs. Come back soon!!" And an angry fan quipped: "Just find the L key." (That comment, first reported by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, appears to have been deleted.)

Check out the best of the rest of the feedback:

  • "Please mark this the day as the official day I am embarrassed to be a Cubs fan."
  • "This sucks.'
  • "Clark learns right away how brutal social media can be. He's a baby bear people, watch your language!" (To which another commenter replied: "He's a grown man... trust me on this."
  • "Please Stop. Please Please Please Please kill this."
  • "Turn your cap around Clark. You look like Poochie from The Simpsons?"
  • "Just when I was convinced BEING A CUB gan was the most humiliating thing you could do to me."
  • "Is it a coincidence this travesty was rolled out the day season ticket payments were due?? What a bad decision. You want to win the hearts of kids?? WIN!"

Our fans added in some pretty funny comments of their own:

Jeremy Schaubroeck: I find it funny that one fan is embarrassed by a cartoon bear and not from being a fan for the saddest team in any major sports league.

Mariah Becker: Baseball is "America's Favorite Pastime." It's sad that they now need an incentive for kids to come to games.

Kevin Sneed: Pervert. He's not wearing any pants.

Leave your own comment about Clark below and we'll read it on the air.