First, get a load of this crappy story. On Monday, John Daly sunk an amazing hole in one at the Humana Pro-Am Challenge.

Except it wasn't.

Because Daly, the legendary golfer whose luck has been known as less than good, had already taken a practice shot with a different club.

The biggest tragedy? The hole in one was supposed to win Daly a brand-new Hyundai Equus. Daly's financial woes are widely reported, which makes this so much worse.

A little bit later, the PGA tweeted this:

How bunk is that? Poor Daly. This quote, from SB Nation, pretty much encapsulates the entire tragedy:

Daly, cheered on by several members of his brood, was looking forward to his new ride.

"Trust me," he said, "with three kids I will put the new Hyundai to good use."

Goose had a great suggestion. The PGA isn't going to give Daly his car; what if Hyundai stepped up and gave Daly the car?

It would be a great look for Hyundai, and of course, it would bring justice to this whole thing.

Retweet our tweet so we can grab Hyundai's attention with this:

What say you, Hyundai?