Photographer Allen Henson is short of cash, and a permission slip, according to the folks that run the Empire State Building.  Henson had the audacity to photograph women on the observation deck topless.  Then he included the photos in a book called Fashion on The Rocks which I haven't read, but I don't think reading is the point.

Now I don't care what you call art, but I do know it's generally covered in one or more of our rights as described in the constitution.  But the ESB is very upset.  They want $1 Million from Henson, who I'm betting doesn't have it, because he didn't get permission to photograph these girls up there.  The ESB also said that had Henson asked, they would have said, "No."

Neat thing about this story though:  Henson produced a book that may have peaked interest among the artsy-fartsy East Coasters.  But the ESB just gave him the best marketing he could've asked for.

Stay tuned for my new book, Pictures of Dumb Stuff With the Empire State Building in the Background.  Hope it gets advertised.