When celebrities check into hotel, often that stay under an assumed name...one that they share with close family and friends.  It keeps the stalkers from calling and getting through to their rooms yet allows them to be contacted by legitimate people who know the pseudonyms.  LeBron James has used the name "Gordon Gekko".  Charles Barkley has been known to register under the names "Fred Flintstone", "Jackie Robinson" and "Eldrick Woods" (Tiger Woods real name).

DeadSpin.com posted a hotel room roster listing the names the players for the Chicago White Sox stay under.  Unfortunately, the actual player name isn't revealed along with the fake name leaving us only to speculate.  Some of the notable monikers: Hank Hill, Ricky Bobby, Dr. Kevorkian, Judge Smails, Lloyd Christmas, and the classic "Dr. Sphincter Rumpczek" whom DeadSpin pegs as A.J. Pierzynski.

The full list is found here:

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