A man in Virginia was arrested after allegedly threatening to execute everyone in a McDonald's because he couldn't get what he wanted due to the breakfast hours.

The incident occurred at a McDonald's in Stafford County, VA last week, according to a Facebook Post from the Stafford County Sheriff's Office.

According to the police's statement, 36-year-old James Springer was working as a DoorDash driver at the time and pulled into a McDonald's right before 10am.

He became very upset when he was told it was too early to get a Happy Meal. Everyone knows you can't get lunch at McDonald's until 10:30, which is bull crap.

Witnesses stated that before he left the restaurant, he stopped and announced he'd be back to execute everyone in the store. He left in a white Toyota sedan.


Officers were searching the area for Springer when another call came in about a nearby incident involving someone brandishing a gun at someone.

"Deputies were working to identify the suspect when a brandishing call was dispatched at Stafford Marketplace," the office's Facebook post reads. "The victim reported the driver of a white Toyota Yaris pointed a handgun at her and her passengers while passing through the merge area at Garrisonville Road and I-95."

The officers continued searching for the suspect, when a call came in from the McDonald's saying that Springer had returned.

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"Deputy S.M. Eastman arrived and took the suspect into custody without incident. It was learned the suspect had used abusive and threatening language toward a customer during this visit," the post says.

Springer's been charged with disorderly conduct, abusive language and four counts of brandishing a firearm.

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