A man who was on meth believed that his CD player was spying on him with the help of someone who had meddled with it drove 7 counties trying to get away, according to state police out of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. Yes, THAT Punxsutawney.


According to the Punxsutawney office for the say that the 28-year-old male from Manheim, PA walked into their office because he said he didn't trust his police in Lancaster County, seven counties away. He then told them someone replaced the parts of his car's CD player so they could spy on him.

Police noted in their report that it was obvious the man was under the influence of something and hadn't slept in multiple days.

A field sobriety test and a drug recognition officer determined that the man was believed to be under the influence of marijuana and some sort of Central Nervous System Stimulant.

A search of his car turned up methamphetamine, and marijuana related paraphernalia.

His name is yet to be released, pending blood test results to prove the drug use.

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