I'm the reading the attached story of the guy in Ohio who was buried on his motorcycle, encased in a plexiglass casket so his biker friends could watch his final ride to the cemetery, and I can't decide:  Cool or Gross?

The case for Cool: Badass guy takes care of his family and friends his whole life, raises his kids, stays faithful to his wife, and credits the Harley for keeping his sense of adventure alive during the raising of his 4 kids.  Wants to pay tribute to his classic bike in front of his friends and family one last time.

The case for Gross: It's just plain creepy to pose a dead body in a position of life.  Riding with your eyes closed (as he appears on the bike in the coffin) is a clear violation of the Ohio Vehicle code, and if he's caught on one of their cameras, where do they send the ticket?