As the Motley Crue tour goes on, more headlines from the group come to the surface. This newest headline boasts the possibility that Tommy Lee is not just using some backing tracks, but might not be playing through the system at all.

Video from their show in Kansas City, Missouri as part of the Stadium Tour with Def Leppard, Poison, and Joan Jett.

The video from Looks That Kill shows Tommy's drum tech fixing something between songs, and then suddenly, the count-in for the song starts, but Tommy's not sitting down or hitting the hi-hat.

Here's where he's standing between the first and second hi-hat hits:

Curt Taft via YouTube
Curt Taft via YouTube

He's in the process of sitting, and the amount of urgency once the hi-hat count in starts speaks volumes.

It's pretty convincing to me, but see it for yourself:

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