Time to celebrate the weekend with some great music in the Quad Cities area. Here's a list of some live local bands to go support!


  • Lewis Knudsen @ Faithful Pilot Kitchen and Bar


    • David Killinger & Paul Ganahl Open Mic Night @ Tugger's
    • Jen Craft @Twin Span Brewing
    • Doug Brundies @ Faithful Pilot Kitchen and Bar
    • Jef Spradley @ Front Street Brewery


    • The Knockoffs @ Drunken Barrels in East Moline
    • Kyle Cord & Brad Love music @ Green Tree Brewery
    • Ariel McReynold's @ Oak Grove Tavern
    • The Textures @ Whiskey Stop
    • Lewis Knudsen @ Bootleg Hill Honey Meads
    • Mizzipi Mud @ Gypsy Highway


    • Rabbit Hole @ 11th St Precinct
    • Think Floyd @ The Rust Belt
    • The Knockoffs @ Freight House Farmers' Market Fall Festival
    • Pit Lord ALBUM RELEASE at Raccoon Motel
    • Daylight Over encore @ North Shore Inn
    • Four Day Creep @ Harley Corin's
    • Jake Stack @ The V'ue
    • Far Out 283 @ Whiskey Stop
    • Ginger Roots @ Geneseo Brewing Co
    • Toxic Blonde @ Hawkeye Sports Bar & Grill
    • Ariel McReynolds @ Bootleg Hill Honey Meads


  • Goth Night @ Raccoon Motel

Upcoming Shows

Email your upcoming shows to BillStage@97X.com


11/12 Travis Ried Band @ Whiskey Stop on
12th No eXcuse @ 11th St Precinct

11/18 Travis Ried Band @Parkside Lounge
19th Crooked Cactus @ 11th St Precinct
26th Hap Hazard @ 11th St Precinct


10th Blues Rock It @ 11th St Precinct
17th Crooked Cactus @ 11th St Precinct
31st Blues Rock It @ 11th St Precinct

If you have any shows coming up that you'd like to promote here on 97X just email billstage@97X.com.  We'd love to get the word out about your show.

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