We are entering the heart of summer concert season, and there's a few things everyone should remember.

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Due to my job, I'm very fortunate to be able to go to concerts pretty frequently. I've finally reached the point where I'm well-versed enough in proper concert etiquette where I get annoyed with people who don't seem to know how to act when they're at concerts.

I went to check out Chris Stapleton's All-American Road Show in Moline and noticed a few other concert goers who were walking red flags for things you should never do at a concert.

So, here are just a few things you should remember when you go to your next concert.

All of these rules shouldn't need to be explicitly said as long as you're being a considerate human being.

Photo by Tijs van Leur on Unsplash
Photo by Tijs van Leur on Unsplash

Keep Your Shoes On...Please!

I was seeing red at the Stapleton show when this happened! The woman in the road behind me and maybe two or three seats down took off her shoes. Most of the time, if you can be discreet and the stink isn't too bad then you can almost get away with it.

Some people don't think twice about it. Let the bare feet fly! But for others, propping up bare feet where you sit is kind of a turn-off. I'm one of those people. Feet gross me out, man! It's not the end of the world to put your feet up but do try to consider us barefoot haters and keep 'em off the seats. Pretty please! 

I had my mom next to me on one side and this woman's pinky toe on my other.


Limit The PDA

I'm not trying to yuck anyone's yum here! I've seen my fair share of booty grabs when I'm standing in the pit of a show. As long as everything is respectable and over clothes I won't bat an eye.

At this very same concert, a couple was getting a bit hot and heavy right next to my mom. They were so into each other and got a bit carried away.

Which again...I'm not judging...

However, I will give you a bit of a side eye if you're feeling up your partner and your hand ends up brushing up against me. That's what exactly happened to my mother.

As these two people were swapping spit, the one person's hand kept touching my mom's knee. Please, just be considerate of other people's space.

Sing Along, Don't Scream Along (The Entire Time)

This is something that I know I have a tendency to do. As someone who can't carry a tune to save her life, when an artist sings a song that I love I will scream/sing along.

It's totally alright to passionately sing along, but if you're screaming at such a high volume that no one else can hear the artist then you have to chill out.

We paid money to hear them sing, not you...

Know What Concert Merch You Want

I worked at a concert venue selling merch for a summer in college, and I have become incredibly passionate about this. Usually, the line for merchandise is long as heck. Unless you go during the artist's set then you can kind of bypass the crowd and snag what you want.

If you are waiting in line for twenty minutes and you finally get to the front and you still don't know what you want, then you're just going to hold things up.

Know what you want before you finally are face to face with the merchandise person. It'll make everyone's life easier.

Have Fun, But Don't Be Belligerently Drunk

Just a common sense reminder. Go and have fun! Drink! Get a little tipsy (if you're of age), but don't be so drunk that you're disturbing people around you.

Big Floppy Hats Should Be Off Your Head Once The Music Starts

I LOVE a good floppy hat.  It's a great accessory to any outfit. However, I know that if I'm wearing a hat that can obstruct someone's view especially if I'm in the pit, I immediately rip that thing off.

Put On Deodorant, Please!

For the love of all things good in this world...put on deodorant before the concert and bring some with you if you can.

If You Need To Leave Early, Choose Your Exit Time Wisely

I'm not going to knock you for trying to get out early to beat the traffic. We've all done it, especially when it's late on a weekday evening.

If you do want to duck out early, make sure you get up and leave in between songs. The people who are staying through to the encore don't want to have their view of the show interrupted by you trying to leave to beat traffic.

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